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HR professionals, renowned experts, and comprehensively analyzed modifications at the 6th Labor Law Conference

Over the years, the sphere of legislation in the Republic of Moldova has demonstrated the tendency to be surprisingly dynamic – laws go through continuous amendments, and those regarding human resources are no exception. Professionals in the sphere, concerned with an extremely broad spectrum of tasks, often fail to keep up with all the modifications or to go deep into them essentially in order to avoid penalties and other problems.

To reduce the frequency of such situations and to improve market practices, in 2019, HR Portal also took part in the National Labor Law Conference held on May 17 in Chisinau. Already held for the 6th time, the event turned into a beautiful and necessary tradition for HR professionals, bringing together renowned experts and complicated issues.

The discussions were focused on the most recent and current amendments to labor legislation, including the new provisions of the Law on Temporary Disability Payments or the new methodology for conducting state control in the sphere of labor relations. The conference also addressed such topics as implementation of the unitary wage system in the budgetary sector, social responsibility and its impact on the human resources system, tools for staff motivation and loyalty, and military records of recruits and reservists.

The topics included in this year’s agenda were:

  • Electronic medical certificate: prospects for its implementation
  • Retrospective of the 2018 amendments to the Law on Temporary disability Payments and other social insurance benefits
  • State control in the sphere of labor relations: new methodology for conducting them
  • Methodology for completing and applying checklists within the framework of the state control
  • Social responsibility standard and its impact on the human resources system
  • Unitary system as the new salary system in the budgetary sector
  • IRM 2019 reporting blank: what human resources professionals need to know
  • Equal payment for work of equal value: legal provisions and practical tools
  • Military records of recruits and reservists: employer s’ obligations.

Over 70 participants discussed positive practices in the sphere in question and mentioned problems from their own professional experience, receiving solutions, suggestions, and new tools for their implementation. Another purpose of the event was bringing in front HR professionals and representatives of the relevant regulating and controlling authorities in charge of applying the law. Therefore, it was possible to create a space for dialogue and share some practices of “this is YES, this is NO” type.

Above all, the Labor Law Conference became a space for quality networking and manages to increase the community of professionals in human resources on a yearly basis: it is a large family eager to support each other and to keep constantly improving, for the benefit of both employees and employers in the Republic Moldova.

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