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Choose the best HR solutions available on the market

Facing the problem of
fluctuations and maintaining your staff?

Do you find it hard to attract
valuable candidates?

Are there any frequent communication problems
between departments and employees in the organization?

Do you have no human resources
department to manage HR processes?

Has your company moved to a new stage
of development which requires HR assistance?

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Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове

We can help your business due to the experience of our team of HR specialists. We help with developing, reorganizing, and implementing HR strategies and policies, comprehensive systems for staff development and motivation, preceded by complex diagnostic tools. We identify gaps in any HR components and offer viable solutions suitable for your staff and business development strategy.


years on the HR
consulting market


of customers have
requested permanent advice

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HR management consultancy

HR management consultancy


The quality of human resources
management increases

Interaction between employees improves and their
performance increases

Motivational competences of the linear
managers and team management improve

Employees’ satisfaction and corporate loyalty increase
due to development and motivation programs

The employer’s image in the labor market improves

Strategic changes and reorganization of personnel implemented with minimal risks and resources.

Why HR Portal?

We are focused exclusively on HR

We have an impressive portfolio of solutions and tools

Our specialists have at least 15 years of experience in the sphere of consulting

Our experts are internationally certified in consulting and HR tools application

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