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Only during the last year, the payroll legislation changed 19 times!

Does your accountant keep pace with it?

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Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове

Our specialized payroll department deals with calculation and full administration of the staff’s salaries. We offer calculation of salaries, allowances, bonuses, taxes, and relevant deductions, and you can be sure that the company staff is paid according to the legislation – correctly and timely.


lower costs if outsourcing
to HR Portal

Request payroll service separately or together with staff management

The service includes the following activities:

  • Preparing schedules for keeping track of working and resting time;
  • Evidence and administration of the yearly applications regarding remissions for income tax deduced from the salary;
  • Calculating salaries, bonuses and awards, additional payments and settlements, medical leave payments, and all types of allowances;
  • Establishing labor-related social and medical rights;
  • Calculating fees and taxes
    related to payroll;
  • Preparing statements and reports;
  • Preparing and issuing calculations;
  • Managing tax transfers to the state budget or
    preparing primary information for the customer.

Advantages of the service

You receive all the necessary
payment documents in due time

You are protected from harsh fines for erroneous application of payroll legislation

You will find everything related to staff management and payroll calculations in one location

You get rid of the pressure of keeping pace with the most recent legislative amendments

You save money due to recruitment expenses and permanent training of the accountant in charge

Your internal accounting team
becomes more efficient

Why HR Portal?

We are focused exclusively on human resources

Our specialists have at least 15 years of experience in this sphere

We are flexible. We adjust to accounting and internal management requirements

We offer comprehensive consulting

We provide guarantees in case of control by the state authorities

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