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HR outsourcing, consulting, and training
Full package of staff management solutions

Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове
Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове
Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове
Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове
Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове


Human resources management

Pursuant to a subscription contract, we assume all the functions of the HR specialist. We prepare human resources documentation according to the current legislation and act on your behalf during state controls.

files completed monthly
controls successfully passed
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Our specialized payroll department deals with payroll calculation and complete administration for your company’s employees. We offer calculation of salaries, allowances, bonuses, as well as taxes and related deductions.

lower costs when outsourcing to HR Portal
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Occupational safety and health

We take over and manage entirely, on a subscription basis, the sphere of occupational safety and health and occupational medicine. We ensure completion of all the necessary documents required by the legislation, organize staff training complying with the highest standards in the sphere, and assess and minimize occupational risks at the workplace. Therefore, you get rid of stress and obtain guarantees in case of checkups by the controlling authorities.

successfully passed state controls
training certificates awarded
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HR management consultancy

We are eager to help your business my means of the expertise of our team of HR specialists. We can help you develop, reorganize, and implement HR strategies and policies as well as comprehensive systems for staff development and motivation, preceded by complex diagnostic tools.

15 years
– minimum experience of our consultants
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Instruire & Training

Only here you will find the comprehensive range of trainings, conferences, and continuous educational courses in HR, officially approved and conducted by the best experts.

coaches in various HR areas
HR specialists trained annually
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Creating the HR department from scratch

Within limited terms, the HR Portal expert team prepares sample HR documents stipulated by the legislation, issues documents regarding labor relations with the employees, and compiles their files. The sets of documents are ordered by maps and accompanied by comprehensive explanations regarding subsequent administration.

of customers return for other services
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Restoring human resources documents

Restoring documents which correctly reflect the movements of the company staff. We replace incorrect documents with the blanks stipulated by the legislation. We draw missing documents which are mandatorily required by law.

years of expertise
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Human resources audit

Professional assessment of the documentation on human resources, occupational safety and health, with complex explanations of errors detected and prevention of eventual sanctions from the state authorities.

lei of penalties in 6 years
audit procedures performed
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Staff recruitment

We offer long-term and short-term recruitment solutions. We identify suitable candidates to fill your vacancies and offer comprehensive strategies for developing the employer’s brand and attracting talents.

packages for different needs
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Why to choose HR Portal?

Exclusive focus on HR

Comprehensive solutions for any budget

Professional expertise in labor law, HR management, and related fields

Highly qualified specialists and coaches with at least 15 years of experience in the sphere

Guarantees in case of controls from the state authorities

Individual approach and adaptation to the customer’s needs

Services suitable for any business

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