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Get rid of troubles while managing the company staff

Are you creating a new company
that needs HR-related support?

Are your resources insufficient
for having a HR department?

Do HR specialists in your
company lack experience?

Is your company going to be
audited by the state authorities?

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Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове

We offer the widest range of solutions and comprehensive consulting for day-to-day staff management. You will receive the documents within at least 6 hours from the registration of your application, while we guarantee confidentiality of information.


savings on maintenance
costs and your own staff training


compliance of the documents and procedures with the legislation
and the controlling authorities’ requirements

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The service includes the following activities:

  • Preparing staff files, obtaining documents, acts, and statements necessary for the files from the employees;
  • Preparing documents for amending the individual labor agreement, the pre-contractual additional modifications for the position, the negotiated salary, the working standards, the procedure for suspension of the individual labor agreement, and the procedure for termination of the individual labor agreement;
  • Preparing and completing certificates requested by the
    company staff;
  • Drawing up any staff-related reports requested by the customer;
  • Legislative support for any problems in the sphere of labor relations;
  • Issuing the Internal Regulations;
  • Support in case of control by the authorities empowered by the Ministry of Labor;
  • Preparing financial liability agreements;
  • Preparing orders for granting yearly and social vacations;
  • Completing and managing personal cards;
  • Preparing/verifying timetables;
  • Preparing regular staff lists and introducing relevant modifications on the yearly basis;
  • Compiling yearly vacation schedules;
  • Compiling/completing compulsory evidence registers for the HR service;
  • Other activities.

Why HR Portal?

We successfully apply legislative peculiarities to various types of industries

We guarantee passing any checkups by the state authorities successfully

We are flexible, adjusting to accounting and internal management requirements

We have solutions for keeping and managing documents in our company or at the customer’s company

We provide consumables (blanks, registers, etc.) at our own expense

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