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8 accountants out of 10 make mistakes while preparing human resources documents. Is yours among them?

Choose prevention instead
of correction

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Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове

Restoring human resources documents implies issuing all the documents which correctly reflect the movements of the company staff. We replace incorrect documents with the blanks stipulated by the legislation in the necessary chronological order. We draw from cratch the missing documents which are mandatorily required by the law.


days are offered to remove the errors
detected during state controls

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How can we help you?

You are waiting for a control
by the state authorities

You have had a control and need to
eliminate the discrepancies

You have no skilled specialist to prepare
the documents correctly and timely

Documents prepared correctly, according to
the aw and the requirements of state bodies

Guarantees for the documents prepared
and the recommendations issued

Sets of documents organized by
folders (to save your time and resources)

Why should you choose HR Portal?

We successfully apply legislative peculiarities to various types of industries

We guarantee passing any checkups by the state authorities

We are flexible, adjusting to accounting and internal management requirements

We guarantee safety of your documents and confidentiality of information

We provide consumables (blanks, registers, etc.) at our own expense

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