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Commit your employees’ safety to the market leader in occupational safety and health

Are you creating a new company and need
to implement an efficient occupational safety system?

Do you intend to prevent
industrial accidents?

Do your employees lack the necessary experience
and qualifications in the field?

Is your company going to be audited
by the State Labor Inspectorate?

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Аутсортинг и управление персоналом в Молдове

A precarious occupational safety and health system is costly for any company due to potential consequences of industrial accidents, employees’ health problems, and penalties for violating the law. Rational management in this field, on the other hand, means a drastic reduction of the expenses and an increase in the employees’ performance, whereas the external OSH service is a safe and law-abiding alternative instead of having a special department within the company itself.


years of experience
in the field


successful state

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The HR Portal team…

Acts on your behalf during controls by state bodies in the field of labor relations and OSH

Follows the latest legislative
modifications in the field

Cancels the problems of hiring, adaptation, and
periodic training of OSH specialists

Implements occupational safety procedures and due standards, together with a team of OSH, occupational medicine, and energy specialists.

Activities we manage


on application of the OSH regulatory framework


and conducting employment and periodic trainings


instructions, regulations, and plans provided by the OSH legislation


labor occupational risks and coordination with specialized companies for implementing instrumented measurements


of serious and specific occupational risk areas


of the occupational health service for the employees

Why HR Portal?

We are the market leader offering coaching and certification in the field of OSH

We successfully apply legislative particularities in various types of industries

We offer guarantees in case of control by the State Labor Inspectorate and other state authorities in the field

We provide consumables (blanks, registers, etc.) at our expense

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