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Selecting an outsource HR services company

Transmitting your employees’ “lives” into the hands of an external company, dealing with all aspects of their professional comfort – from salaries and documents to safety and health – is unquestionably quite a responsible decision. Such a company can save you from keeping pace with frequent legislative amendments and ensure your success when your company goes through a control from the state authorities.

Here is a number of factors to consider while choosing the outsource service provider in human resources and questions to be asked when contactng such service providers to make the right choice.


For how many years has the company been offering HR services? Its presence on the market speaks for itself.

Technologies and tools used.

How complex and suitable are they for solving the problems your company is faced with?

Customer portfolio.

If you find companies from the same industry in the list, this fact demonstrates the team’s knowledge of the legislation in the sphere, their specific approach, and optimal and correct solutions.

Personal data protection.

The legislation of the Republic of Moldova stipulates that each company is supposed to get registered as a personal data operator respecting a series of rigorous rules. Find out whether the providers offering you their services have an operator’s number and what measures (both technical and strategic ones) will be applied to ensure your employees’ data security.

Degree of flexibility.

Your company certainly has established working procedures and processes, systems and software to operate with, and structures or particularities determined by the sphere of activity. Therefore, an outsource service provider must be flexible and offer you an opportunity to adjust what has already been built in order to “adapt” to specific needs and aspects of the company you manage.

Company’s reputation.

Search for opinions and recommendations from other former or current customers to ensure the quality of the services offered.

Answers to the above questions will help you make the right choice while searching for your company’s “partner” in the aspect of human resources. By identifying a company with vast experience, a specific approach, and right solutions, you will ensure your success and find your path to a breakthrough business evolution!